Pipe repairs & leak detection

The water damage guarantee covers consequential damage as a result of a pipe breaking or bursting or hydraulic installations overflowing, for example. One type of example is a leak in the cold water pipe under the floor causing damage to the ceiling in the apartment below. The insurer will reimburse the costs of leak detection, taking up the floor, repairing the floor and the consequential damage to the neighbour's apartment and/or in your own apartment. The repairs to the pipe itself – the cause of the damage – is not guaranteed unless… in the Syncura policy.

Please note: the fire policy is not a maintenance contract so pipes that have corroded due to age or wear will not be compensated.        

Sometimes a leak detection company is contacted (too) quickly and for the sake of convenience, and commissioned to find the cause of water damage or the formation of mildew. Such interventions can quickly run up costs of more than 500 euros per intervention. However if, later on, it is found that the cause was damage not covered (within the policy conditions), these costs will need to be paid by the party that has suffered the loss and/or the community. The Syncura product also offers an extra guarantee for this by paying 50% of these costs upfront even if the damage is not covered.