Some of the additions agreed on & extra guarantees

  • cover for water damage via patios and side walls (so-called lateral seepage): classic fire policies do not provide cover for this; 
  • reimbursement of the costs of leak detection at a rate of 50% even if it is subsequently found that the damage is not covered;
  • collision with the building (a stone wall, the garage door, etc.) by any vehicle (either belonging to a co-owner, a tenant or an unknown person);
  • the statutory excess (the deductible) is not applied if the cause of the damage is located in the common parts of the building;
  • cover for glass breakage includes condensation in double glazing;
  • local repair costs for non-corroded pipes in the event of water damage;
  • first-risk cover: all damage up to the sum insured in the special policy conditions will be compensated, without any discussion regarding underinsurance; 
  • content belonging to the community (cleaning supplies, scrubbing machine, etc.) will be insured free of charge up to the amount of €5,000;