Syncura lands Schelde-Eiland and its ACOs

31 August 2017
New co-ownership development in bustling urban district of Oudenaarde

An ACO with so many different partial associations can be regarded as an innovation within building management, as it were. Because the whole complex is made up of different buildings, the decision was made to set up various ACOs under one main association. Those partial associations function in exactly the same way as a normal ACO. So they each also have their own general meeting as well as their own co-ownership charter and company number.

Each building can make decisions regarding its entrance hall, lift and stairs via the various ACOs under the main association. The main association is tasked with managing the general common parts including the courtyard garden and paths and the joint main pipelines for water, electricity, gas and telecommunications.

At the first statutory general meeting, Syncura was appointed professional property administrator for the Schelde-Eiland Phase I project and its ACOs. As an authority within the market, Syncura has the exceptional expert knowledge required for the careful management of this complex ACO. In conjunction with its network of offices, the ACOs can also count on Syncura's personal approach and qualified employees. As a leading property administrator in Flanders, Syncura also offers other services such as MySyncura for consulting documents online with full transparency, beneficial framework contracts with suppliers, its own service department that provides assistance 24/7 and the necessary legal follow-ups.

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