Planning to rent your apartment?

9 July 2018
What do you have to bear in mind when renting out an apartment in co-ownership?

Planning to rent out your apartment? Syndicus Syncura gives rental tips. Do you have an apartment in co-ownership and do you wish to rent it out? What are your obligations to be legally in order? Professional syndic Syncura has made a checklist for you with a number of tips to rent out your apartment in co-ownership:

  • First of all, you must check whether you have an energy performance certificate for short. This indicates how energy-efficient the apartment is. Do you not have this in your possession?
  • Before you hang a paper with "FOR RENT" you have to check in the statutes of the building or where you can hang it. In addition, you also have to wonder how big this paper may be. Sometimes only an A4 format is allowed and you may only hang it on the window, but not on the facade, on the balcony or on the common entrance door. 
  • Once you have found the suitable tenant, you must also make a copy of the internal order regulations when signing the lease. This is also known to your tenant. Also keep the tenant informed of the statutes of the building (basic deed and the regulations of the co-ownership). 
  • Do not forget to prepare a location description and then register the contract. 
  • Check the liability of your tenant in relation to the VME. Check whether there is a distance from the story of the tenant in the fire policy of the building (almost never the case). If the option "waiver" is included in the rental contract, this means that the tenant does not pay for the damage to the building he caused. If this is not applicable, the tenant must take out a tenants' liability policy for the damage he causes. For the fire insurance policy that is in the name of the VME, he is a third party and that insurance can then turn against the tenant.
  • Finally, as a co-owner, you are obliged to inform the property manager with every rental agreement. Remember, by the way, not to pass on the details of your new tenant to your administrator. Do you need help with the rental of your apartment?

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