Bringme Box: the new way to get parcels delivered and returned

21 December 2017
Syncura is the Box Mayor for two residential buildings with a Bringme Box

Ever heard of Bringme? It's the new way to get parcels delivered, sent, returned and exchanged. "Get it. Send it. Love it." That's the slogan of Bringme, the automatic digital parcel service. Everything is controlled via the Bringme App or using the Bringme Key.

You receive a message telling you that the courier will be delivering your online order today – but you're not at home. Sounds familiar? So either you will then have to go to your nearest post office before it closes or the couriers will have to wander around the communal areas of your building, searching desperately for a neighbour to leave your order with. Orders will then just be left – either with a neighbour or at the entrance to the building.

Bringme is actually not that unknown as around 750 Bringme Boxes have already been installed in corporate and residential buildings. It has an elegant and modern design and consists of compartments of different sizes. All the parcel services – bpost, Bubble Post, TNT, Post NL, etc. – will deliver to Bringme Boxes.

Professional property management company Syncura uses a Bringme Box to manage the co-ownership of two residential buildings: La Réserve in Knokke where there are 71 apartments and Victory in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Brussels, which consists of 98 dwellings. Bringme Boxes are currently being used in these buildings for a year. Syncura wants to make living together easier by using the Bringme Box.

More and more people are ordering online and most people are not home when the courier tries to deliver their order. Thanks to Bringme, you can have online orders delivered without having to be there. But it is just as useful for having products delivered from a local store or for laundry and ironing services, for example.

Bringme Boxes work particularly well when it comes to delivering parcels to residential buildings. There are two reasons why: the first is that most packages will not fit through the letterbox and the second is that residents are often not at home when their delivery arrives.

Syncura is the Box Mayor for two residential buildings: La Réserve in Knokke and Victory in Brussels. The Box Mayor is the point of contact for Bringme within a residential building who will be given a crash course in how Bringme works in order to be able to resolve any problems that might arise.

In practice, the most common problems include the box temporarily being full so that the courier cannot make any further deliveries or a parcel being left for too long in the Bringme Box, resulting in the expiry date being exceeded. In such cases, the Box Mayor will intervene. The Bringme support team can provide the Box Mayor with support as required, if problems of any kind should arise. To find out the details of your Box Mayor, go to

Bringme and Schindler announced their new partnership in November 2017. The aim of that partnership is for every residential building to be provided with a Bringme Box for managing post, online orders and messages 24/7. The combination of the two technologies will improve the comfort and security of the people living in the residential buildings – two aspects which we, as the manager of communal areas, attach great importance to.

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