Examples of savings realised

  • Residentie Ter Leie saved €26,670 in 1 year. With an annual consumption of 26,500 MWh, Ter Leie is a large-scale consumer of gas. After its inclusion in the group procurement scheme, a price reduction of €9.94/MWh was realised or a saving of €130 per apartment per annum.

  • Residentie Ter Platen saved €674 per annum through the new lift maintenance contract which was not only stricter but also represented a saving.

  • This year, almost every residence managed by Syncura saved several tens of euros on the technical inspection of lift installations and will continue to do so in subsequent years. The price per annum for 2 inspections of a lift with 4 stops is approximately €120 excl. VAT (price is dependent on the number of stops).

  • Residentie Tervuren House saved €3,429 per annum on the cost of heating oil after changing its tariff to the Syncura framework contract.


These are of course just a few specific examples. The combination of different savings within the same building are often higher than Syncura's fee. Therefore choosing Syncura means not only choosing management with care but also choosing to save on your general recurring costs.